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78% of rural parents strive to educate girls beyond graduation: Survey

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78% of rural parents strive to educate girls beyond graduation: Survey

Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Tuesday launched the first State of Elementary Education in Rural India report in Delhi. This pan-India survey by the Development Intelligence Unit (DIU) highlights progress in gender-neutral education among rural communities.

From rural India, here comes a promising indicator of progress towards an inclusive environment. According to a report conducted by the Development Intelligence Unit (DIU), a collaboration between Transform Rural India and Sambodhi Research and Communications Private Limited, parents from rural communities firmly believe that a child’s gender, whether a boy or a girl, should not hinder their educational aspirations. In this study, it was revealed that a total of 78 per cent of parents of girls and 82 per cent of parents of boys wanted to educate their children to graduation and above.

The study was focused on 6 to 16-year-old children in rural communities across 20 states in India.

The report, titled ‘State of Elementary Education in Rural India– 2023’, was officially unveiled by Union Education and Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Minister, Dharmendra Pradhan, during TRI’s India Rural Colloquy 2023 (IRC).

“As a student of public policy and in charge of the education sector of India, I study and learn new subjects every day. The mindset with which I’ve come here is that the report titled ‘State of Elementary Education in Rural India – 2023’ would possibly help me with decision-making in the future. After all, today’s young generation needs proof and data. Our country has a history of interpretation and documentation of knowledge in many formats. This knowledge will travel through ideas. It has to transform into a language and a form,” says Dharmendra Pradhan while launching the report.

He went on to speak about India’s knowledge traditions, age of competency and skill-based learning, the transformation of Indian education steered by #NEP2020, education in local languages, the importance of early childhood care and education, and the need for more women’s involvement in the development sector programmes.

“India’s President Draupadi Murmu is an inspiring case study of a woman from rural India who had the courage to educate herself and stand in a leadership position. As a country, we have had a number of women moving forward, and it’s something we need to ensure even more moving forward,” the education minister adds.

The report also noted that the finding, which indicates no disparity in parental aspirations concerning the education of their children, calls for continued efforts to promote inclusive education. This will ensure sustainable opportunities for boys and girls alike.

“This highly positive sign has the potential to further strengthen educational growth in the rural sector. We hope that our policymakers, educational institutions, and other stakeholders will acknowledge these common aspirations to establish an inclusive environment that ensures growth and development for every child in rural India,” says Javed Siddiqui, Lead, Education at Transform Rural India.


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