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Anand Mahindra shares about innovative six-passenger EV from rural India. Watch

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Anand Mahindra shares about innovative six-passenger EV from rural India. Watch


Anand Mahindra shared an video where a man can be seen explaining about his innovative electric vehicle. Watch the video inside.

Anand Mahindra, the chairman of Mahindra Group, is pretty active on social media and often shares intriguing videos. Recently, the industrialist shared about an innovative invention where a man has built a six-passenger electric vehicle. In the short video, the man in the vehicle explains that his electric vehicle can carry six people. He further said that the cost of this innovation is around ₹8000-10,000. The electric vehicle only takes a few minutes to charge and can go for up to 150 km.

This video was shared by Anand Mahindra yesterday. In the post’s caption, he wrote, “With just small design inputs (cylindrical sections for the chassis

this device could find global applications. As a tour ‘bus’ in crowded European tourist centres? I’m always impressed by rural transport innovations, where necessity is the mother of invention.”

Since this video was shared, it has been viewed more than five lakh times and has 27,000 likes and several comments.

One person in the comments said, “Sir, hope he gets some royalty for his ideas, innovation, and making a nice prototype. His ideas should not be just copied and commercially used because he can’t go for Copyright or Patent. If you pay him, it would be a big motivation to him and millions of innovators.” A second person said, “And most importantly, it is EV, few safety measures, and this is going to be a game changer from Mahindra’s. Appreciate your quick understanding AM, Sir.” “Electric bike limo! Absolutely super for city tours not only in Europe but in Indian cities as well! Add some more safety features, and it is good to go!” said a third.



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