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Funding Of Ioniqa’s Enhanced Recycling Business Of Pet Polyester

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Funding Of Ioniqa’s Enhanced Recycling  Business Of Pet Polyester 

Ioniqa Technologies B.V. (‘Ioniqa’) is pleased to announce a significant growth investment by  Infinity Recycling (‘IRC’)’s Circular Plastics Fund to help accelerate the scale-up and roll out of  its enhanced PET Polyester recycling technology. 

Ioniqa’s innovative technology upcycles low-grade post-consumer plastic waste to a virgin-like  quality feedstock. With the ability to process coloured plastic waste flakes Ioniqa’s technology  offers a solution to process PET waste that is currently non-recyclable, creating a recycled  material suitable for high quality food grade applications. Ioniqa has successfully demonstrated  this technology in an industrial production facility in The Netherlands, and is now bringing it to  market with strategic licensing partner Koch Technology Solutions.  

Infinity Recycling provides growth capital to those companies that can help accelerate the  creation of a circular economy for plastics, and subsequently helps them to scale. Ioniqa’s  enhanced recycling solution stands out by complementing existing recycling technologies with a  cost-efficient solution, therewith catalysing the scale up of the industry as a whole.  

Tonnis Hooghoudt, Founder and CEO of Ioniqa, said, “Developing a groundbreaking new  technology like ours is a matter of patience, dedication and funding. With this investment by IRC  we can further extend Ioniqa’s horizon with a view to successfully launch industrial licenses for  new customer plants worldwide. Furthermore, the investment allows Ioniqa to broaden the  types of feedstocks it can process by adding Polyester fibres to our scope”. 

Jeroen Kelder, Managing Partner at Infinity Recycling, commented, “we have followed Tonnis and  the team for a few years now and are thrilled to help the company further scale up and roll out its  groundbreaking technology. The world is in urgent need of circular solutions for the plastics  packaging and clothing markets. Ioniqa has developed an efficient solution that can turn low  grade PET (and polyester) waste into materials suitable for high quality food grade or clothing  applications”. Arie Hooimeijer, Infinity Recycling’s Head of Investments said, “We are looking  forward to working with the Ioniqa team and its partner Koch Technology Solutions to accelerate  the company’s success and deliver real impact for our stakeholders and most importantly for  the environment.”



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