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Inflation in basic commodities higher in rural areas than urban: Consumer Price Index

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Inflation in basic commodities higher in rural areas than urban: Consumer Price Index

Among states, West Bengal had the highest inflation at 10.29%

The All India Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the month of August 2022, released by the National Statistical Office September 12, was found to be higher for rural areas than urban ones. The CPI in rural areas — 7.15 per cent — was higher compared to 6.72 per cent in urban markets.

he Consumer Food Price Index (CFPI) for rural areas — 7.60 per cent — was also higher than 7.55 per cent for urban ones. The average inflation rate of India stood at seven per cent.
Cereals, milk, fruits and spices showed higher inflation rates in rural markets, compared to urban ones.

The inflation rate for cereals in rural areas increased to 10.08 per cent during August 2022, compared to 8.65 per cent for urban areas. Similarly, the inflation rate for fruits stood at 8.67 per cent in rural areas, compared to 5.98 per cent in urban areas.

Inflation for milk and milk products touched 6.67 per cent in rural areas, compared to 6.05 per cent in urban areas. The inflation rate for spices at 15.19 per cent in rural areas, was higher compared to urban areas, which registered an inflation rate of 14.41 per cent.

Accessing fuel and light has also become costly for rural and urban populations. The inflation rate for fuel, compared to August last year, increased to 5.58 per cent in rural areas and to 6.84 per cent in urban areas. Pulses, sugar and confectionary, non-alcoholic beverages, food and beverages and clothing showed a similar increase in inflation rates.Among states, West Bengal showed the highest inflation rate at 8.94 per cent. Rural inflation stood at a steep 10.29 per cent, the highest in the country, compared to 7.42 per cent in urban areas.

Gujarat followed West Bengal, with an inflation rate of 8.22 per cent, followed by Telangana with 8.11 per cent, Maharashtra at 7.99 per cent, Madhya Pradesh at 7.83 per cent, Assam at 7.73 per cent and Haryana at 7.71 per cent.

CPI figures are a measure to determine retail inflation in an economy. The data for the August 2022 CPI was collected from 1,114 urban markets and 1,181 villages across all states and Union territories of India.

It may be noted that India’s inflation had eased to 6.78 per cent in July, but increased to seven per cent in August.
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