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Innovation in rural economy

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Innovation in rural economy

Gauthan, a novel concept developed by the Chhattisgarh govt, is scripting a new success story in the state.

While driving in village habitations in Chhattisgarh, one cannot miss the sights of cattle sheds, or Gauthans, spread over large parcels of land. These cattle sheds, of late, have emerged as multi-activity centres, boosting the rural sector.

The state has set up 10,004 Gauthans in rural areas and another 242 in urban areas. Each Gauthan covers an average area of 10-15 acres of unused government land, turning it into productive activities benefitting the rural populace.

“Rural Industrial Parks (RIPA) have now been developed and integrated in Gauthan to augment employment options and additional income sources for rural families. RIPA will play a vital role in realising Mahatma Gandhi’s dream of self-reliant villages. Besides the women self-help groups (SHGs), young men are are provided with better scope towards rural entrepreneurship skills,” said Chhattisgarh CM Bhupesh Baghel.

The finished quality products at Gauthan—Diwali diyas, idols, mobile & candle stand, name-plates, sleepers, keychains, flower pots, firewoods, incensed sticks, cement, bricks, paints, herbal Gulal etc are also standardised and put on sale at Chhattisgarh C-Mart stores. The project on power generation from cow dung in some Gauthan units also has been launched.

The SHGs associated with Gauthan have generated an earning of Rs 160 crore through various activities. Over 18,000 women SHGs with 205,817 members are engaged in income-generating activities like making vermicompost, growing vegetables, mushroom cultivation, horticulture crops, herbal products, poultry, natural paints, pisciculture, goat farming, animal husbandry and products from minor forest produce. Women SHGs have so far earned `158.42 crore engaging in various livelihood activities in Gauthans. Since July 20, 2020, cow dung is being procured at a rate of `2 per kg under the Godhan Nyay Yojana and 124 lakh quintal purchased in Gauthans till June this year.

The beneficiaries of the Yojana have so far received `508 crore out of which `248 paid to cattle owners selling cow dung and the remaining to Gauthan committees and the SHGs.

“Godhan Yojana has opened new avenues for regular employment. Women associated with Gauthan after their household chores visit RIPA to make various products that are sold,” said Yamini Sonkar who is engaged with SHG in Bhilai. Gauthan emerged as a strong foundation for rural growth and development, said former Kuakonda sarpanch Manukka Linga in Bastar. With Gauthan, the state government is aiming to bolster the rural economy and turn it into a sustainable model through village-centric collective actions across the state that has around 76 per cent rural population. The Godhan Nyay Yojana was conceptualized three years ago by the Chhattisgarh government. The scheme has given voice and ample choice to women who are empowered economically as they are linked to livelihood-based activities and resources.

A mobile app ‘Gauthan Map’ has also been developed that elucidates details on cow dung procurement, working of gauthans, outputs of SHGs, infrastructure and the database of such cattle sheds existing across the state.

“Godhan Nyay Yojana is a unique scheme. It has a huge positive impact on agriculture, livelihood and the environment. The state government has established it as a successful circular economy in rural sector,” said Kamalpreet Singh, Secretary, Agriculture.


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