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Meet Divya, the farmer’s daughter who topped UPPSC, aims to empower rural women

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Meet Divya, the farmer’s daughter who topped UPPSC, aims to empower rural women

Meet Divya Sikarwar, who bagged AIR 1 in the UPPSC exam 2022 and plans to work towards uplifting rural women and girls. Here’s a peek into her inspiring journey.

Divya Sikarwar’s resolute journey culminated in a remarkable feat as she secured the first rank in the UPPSC 2022 exam.

Hailing from Agra’s Rami Gadi village in Etmadpur tehsil, Divya’s pursuit of success was shaped by her tenacity and the unwavering support of her mother, who despite being unable to complete her studies herself, made sure no stone was left unturned for her daughter to go all the way.

This was Divya’s third attempt at the prestigious exam. Last time, she couldn’t crack the exam just for two marks, but this year, she found her name right at the top of the list of deputy collectors (sub-divisional magistrates).

Armed with an MSc in statistics from St. John’s College, Divya now envisions uplifting girls and women in rural areas through quality education, vocational training and self-group groups for financial stability

With her feet firmly rooted in her humble beginnings and eyes set on her future goals, Sikarwar is nothing short of a beacon of inspiration.

Coming from a well-grounded family background which comprises of her grandmother, parents, and two brothers, one of which is preparing for the UPSC prelims, Divya learned the importance of diligence and perseverance at an early age.

Her father, a retired BSF official, and her family’s main pillar of support, is now engaged in farming.

However, victory does not come easy. The civil services examination is a challenging journey that demands patience and dedication.

Divya followed a robust preparation plan, making use of resources like Unacademy alongside textbooks like ‘Political Science’ by Lakshmi Kant and NCERT.

“It is imperative to recognise the value of self-study and consistent answer writing practice, which are critical components of this exam,” she says.

“To ensure I was well-equipped to excel in this exam, I devoted 8-10 hours of daily study to attending classes and engaging in self-study. During challenging periods, I derived motivation and encouragement from my family, friends, and mentors, which helped me focus on my end goal,” she adds.

Divya acknowledges that the Covid-19 pandemic posed unique problems, especially in buying study materials. Undeterred, she navigated these challenges with the support of her family and friends, remaining firmly rooted to her end goal.

Recognising the significance of balance, Divya indulged in a range of calming activities to maintain healthy stress levels.

“Firstly, I made sure to exercise regularly as it is known to reduce stress levels effectively. A simple walk or jog was enough to help me unwind and reduce anxiety,” she says.

“I pursued hobbies that I enjoyed, such as reading or listening to music. Engaging in a hobby helped me take my mind off the exam and reduce stress,” Divya adds.

She also spent quality time with her friends and family to keep her mind stress-free.

Fuelled by a keen interest in civil services that sprouted during her graduation years, Sikarwar was eager to do something for the country.

“I am eager to work with complete dedication towards the development of society through civil services,” she says.

Divya shares that each aspirant should find their unique motivation and harness it as a driving force, alongside covering the syllabus entirely and thoroughly. In her words, “Believing in oneself is essential for success”.

“I advise students to cover the entire syllabus and revise it thoroughly multiple times. It is important to regularly assess your preparation through various test series to identify areas that require more attention and improvement,” she says.

“In addition, seeking the support and guidance of parents and friends can also provide invaluable encouragement and motivation,” she adds.

Indeed, with her triumph, Divya Sikarwar has not only secured her career but has also become a symbol of hope and inspiration for countless students striving towards the same goal



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