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Open house: Should the rural healthcare be compromised at the cost of new clinics in urban areas

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Open house: Should the rural healthcare be compromised at the cost of new clinics in urban areas

Healthcare facilities in villages badly need improvement

Few patients visit rural clinics

In Punjab, urban healthcare system is more established than in the rural areas. Despite awareness of the disparities, little is being done to improve rural healthcare by the government. It is known that rural clinics routinely run out of medicines. Doctors at several rural clinics have repeatedly requested medicine supplies. The number of patients visiting rural clinics has declined due to these issues. No compromises should be made in bringing the rural healthcare sector on par with the urban areas.

Novin Christopher

Biased attitude towards rural folk

Instead of spending funds on new clinics, its better is to upgrade rural dispensaries. Urban areas are already have private clinics and Civil Hospitals for emergency. Rural folk have to run to nearby towns in case of medical emergency. AAP clinics show a biased attitude of government towards rural folk.

Puja Verma

Doctors’ plaints yield no results

The Government of Punjab has established many new clinics instead of taking care of old rural clinics. Currently, the situation is that rural clinics do not have medicines. In January, rural clinics received only 20 medicines. Despite complaints by doctors the government has not taken any step to upgrade rural clinics. Besides, patients’ footfall at rural clinics has reduced to 15 to 20 from 100. The government should provide all necessary medicines, equipment and manpower to rural clinics.

Tanishka Pruthi

Take same initiative for rural people

Openning mohalla clinics is a good initiative taken by the newly elected AAP government. But the focus is only on urban areas. The government must take the same initiative for people living in the rural areas. At the time of medical emergency villagers rush to the urban areas for treatment. At least one clinic with all facilities and latest equipment must be opened in each and every village. One MBBS qualified doctor should be deployed at every rural clinic. Medicines should be supplied to rural clinics.

Dr Mohd Saleem Farooqui

Convert dispensaries into modern clinics

Medical facilities are the most important part of our society. Opening Aam Aadmi Clinics is good step for people. Every one appreciates it. Such clinics should be opened in the rural areas and cities. Old dispensaries can be converted in modern clinics with all facilities. Rural people can’t afford big hospitals. So modern clinics can be of much help for them.


Rural clinics cater to 50% population

The Punjab Government is working overnight for the success of its Aam Aadmi Clinics. But at the same time, it continues to ignore rural dispensaries, which cater to more than 50 per cent of the total population of the state. These rural dispensaries have no medicines. Patients are forced to buy medicines from chemist shops. The government claims to provide a wide range of free of cost medicines and 41 different tests in 100 AAP clinics in the first phase. It plans to open 117 such clinics in each constituency and make them operational by year end. In comparison, rural dispensaries have witnessed a drastic decline in patient footfall due to lack of medicines and other facilities. The state government is mindlessly promoting AAP clinics at the cost of the existing system. These clinics cannot replace the existing system. Instead of wasting resources on such clinics, the government should improve the existing healthcare system in the rural areas.

RS Sembhi

Healthcare vital for everyone

Rural clinics cannot be ignored. The government should improve rural healthcare. Mostly, people living in villages are dependent on urban healthcare facilities. Aam Aadmi Clincs should be opened in rural areas too. Health plays vital role and cannot be compromised.

Krish Aggarwal

Rope in NGOs to assist govt

All medical facilities and treatment must be provided in both urban and rural areas. More attention must be paid to villages as their residents are deprived of medical facilities. Qualified doctors must be deputed to serve people in the rural areas. Proper supply of medicines and other equipment must be ensured in each village clinic. A committee should be formed to look after the functioning of mohalla clinics in the urban and rural areas. NGOs can be roped in to assist government in providing medical facilities particularly in the rural areas.

Farzana Khan

Don’t cut funds for rural areas

At no cost rural dispensaries and primary healthcare centres should be given step-motherly treatment. No doubt Aam Aadmi or mohalla clinics will go a long way in providing good healthcare to people in the urban areas but they should not be opened by curtailing funds meant for the rural clinics.

Dr Sunil Chopra

Provide more funds for healthcare

Rather than spending money on the urban healthcare facilities, the government should start funding rural healthcare. These funds can improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare in the rural areas. Availability of medicines must be ensured at rural clinics. More qualified staff should be deployed at rural clinics.

Tamanpreet Kaur Khangura

Raise budget for rural healthcare

The Punjab Government’s efforts to open Aam Aadmi Clinics are laudable as people get free of cost treatment from qualified doctors. Providing healthcare facilities in the rural area is equally important. Healthcare budget should be raised to improve existing rural dispensaries and provide new infrastructure.

Khushkaran Singh

Govt should wake up from slumber

It’s not pragmatic to give importance to healthcare facilities in the urban areas. There is no doubt that the new Aam Aadmi Clinics are playing vital role in cities. The government should focus on rural dispensaries. It is difficult for people from the rural areas to commute to city for availing healthcare facilities. Moreover, it is crucial to provide quick medical treatment in case of emergency. So, the government should wake up from its slumber and provide medical facilities in the rural areas as early as possible.

Gurleen Kaur

All humans are equal

All human beings are equal. So, why should needs of the rural people be compromised for the sake of providing better healthcare facilities to urban residents. People need proper healthcare in urban as well as rural areas. So, rural healthcare cannot be sacrificed at the cost of new clinics in the urban areas.

Nidhi Sharma

Health is a prized possession

Health is a prized possession be it for rural or an urban residents. Rural healthcare centres should be provided all medicines and infrastructure from time to time because it’s not possible for every villager to go to city for medical treatment. The government should not neglect rural healthcare centres.

Lookpreet Kaur

Long travel for availing medical aid

Village residents often face problems when it comes to availing healthcare facilities. In order to provide rural residents easy access to healthcare proper clinics with necessary infrastructure and staff must be opened in each and every village. Villagers often travel long distances for medical treatment. Rural clinics can reduce their discomfort as they can get treatment in their respective villages.

Nishtha Johar

People fall prey to quacks in villages

Having worked as a medical officer in various rural dispensaries during my service tenure, I know that most patients, who are ignorant, poor and illiterate, cannot afford to buy costly medicines. As such, they fall prey to quacks and spoil their health. The government should equip rural dispensaries and hospitals with adequate medicines, equipment and staff to ensure optimum healthcare for villagers.

Dr Ashwani Kumar Malhotra

Cater to needs of rural areas first

The government should cater to the need of the rural areas first. There are less healthcare facilities in villages. Mostly, rural people depend on the urban areas for healthcare. Aam Aadmi Clincs should be opened in the rural areas too so that everyone gets medical treatment in his/her vicinity. Health plays vital role in one’s life and shouldn’t be compromised.

Krish Aggarwal

Treat urban, rural people equally

Rural dispensaries must not suffer for the want of doctor, paramedical staff. Both rural as well as urban people require medical facilities. The Health Department must ensure medical attention to rural people. The department must provide all facilities, including staff and medicines, in rural dispensaries. The government should treat rural and urban people equally.

Gautam Dev

Rural healthcare facing crisis

Health is not everything but everything else is nothing without health. However, in the present scenario, rural healthcare is facing crisis unmatched to any other sector. Majority of rural people travel more than 100 km to avail healthcare facilities. So, rural healthcare should be compromised at any cost.

Gurmat Kaur

Remove healthcare shortcomings

Barriers to healthcare in the rural areas include shortage of workforce, medicines and poor literacy. Besides, time and resources are required to treat patients in villages. These factors must be taken care of in order to provide better healthcare facilities in the rural areas.

Shruti Saggar Gambhir

Focus on expanding healthcare services

Primary healthcare clinics in a city are the first access to treatment for a person. Doctors don’t go to rural areas because there is shortage of infrastructure, drugs and equipment. So, in order to expand the reach of public healthcare facilities, mohalla clinics should also be opened in the rural areas. The initiative should focus on expanding the healthcare services in unserved and underserved areas such as slums.

Prabhneet Kaur

Pay attention to rural dispensaries

Rural healthcare should not be compromised at any cost. To control the growing morality rate due to lack of adequate healthcare facilities and check the spread of diseases special attention must be paid to rural dispensaries. Work force shortage and poor literacy is also one reason of behind lack of healthcare in the rural areas. The government should take initiatives to improve rural healthcare facilities.

Shireen Sharma

More funds for medical infra

It is a fact that the AAP government is not paying attention to rural healthcare as compared with the urban areas. Instead of indulging in extravagance and publicity the ruling dispensation should infuse funds for upgrading existing infrastructure. Optimum supply of medicines, adequate staff and creating emergency medical facilities must be ensured at rural dispensaries.

Sukhdev Sharma

Maintain rural, urban balance

Rural healthcare has been totally ignored from the past five months. People are suffering because of few or no medical facilities in villages. The government should maintain proper balance so that neither the rural folks nor the urban people suffer due to inadequate medical facilities. Before opening new clinics, existing ones should upgraded. Qualified doctors must be deployed in rural clinics.

Simranjeet Kaur

Govt should develop villages

It’s important to pay attention to the rural areas. More clinics must be opened in villages. Adequate staff, medicines and equipment must be provided for rural clinics. If the government develops villages, our country will progress.

Chandni Shah

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